Magazine "PROFICIENT" March 2022, magazine number 45, from 44 to 49 pages.

Model: Daniela L

Xany Magazine

Magazine "Xany", February 2022, magazine number 01, from 46 pages to 50 pages.

Model: Amelia Mio.

''Vigor'' Magazine

Vigor Magazine February 2022, issue # 12, pp. 50 to 53.

Model: Amelia Mio.

Monthly newspaper "Aptieka-1"

This time, cooperation with "Aptieka 1" was made for the cover of the monthly magazine.

GMARO Magazine

Magazine "GMARO" January 2022, magazine number # 35, from page 68 to page 73.

Model: Maija Kolesnikova

Edith Magazine

Edith Magazine January, issue # 532, pages 42 to 46. This magazine is published in Orleans, France. 

Model: Daniela Lietaviete 

Make up: Baiba V


MEN'S CRUZE Magazine

MEN'S CRUZE Magazine December, i vol 46. 18 to 21. This magazine is published in Los Angeles, Calif., USA

Model: Janis Dambrans

  EDITH Christmas Boudoir Magazine

'' EDITH Christmas Boudoir 'December, # 113, pages 14 to 19. This magazine is published in Orleans, France.

Model: Laura Gabriela